The Triage service is an assessment unit thats main purpose is to answer queries, questions and concerns for any woman that is pregnant or who has recently given birth.

The service is made up of a number of clinical specialists who assess women who are 20 weeks pregnant and over. Depending on a individual’s needs, this may lead to referral to a more specialised unit such as delivery, ward, or clinic. Women on the unit have access to a midwife 24 hours a day.

Triage carries out monitoring for both mum and baby, including basic observation and blood testing. The service also signposts to specialist services for women in labour, or those needing emergency care, such as bleeding.

If you have any health concerns during your pregnancy and you are 20+ weeks, please call us and you can speak to a midwife at any time and they will advise on the next steps.

Please be aware that the Triage service sees women on a needs basis not a first-come first-served basis, therefore waiting times can vary. There is always a junior doctor present and a consultant working on the delivery suite based nearby.

The service also answers questions postnatally about your babies needs such as those concerning breast feeding support. This would be for infants up to four weeks old.

The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hospital Route 127 (door to the left of delivery suite)
Walsall Manor Hospital
Moat Road
West Midlands

Service leads

Leanne O’Flaherty, Ward Manager
Carol Hollington, Matron

Tel: 01922 656967

Referrals are via a GP or A&E department. Patients can also self-refer but an initial Triage assessment is required over the phone to determine what level of care is requiresd. Patients may then be advised to attend for further assessment. When attending, please note you are allowed one person with you throughout your time here.

Following your assessment by a midwife, dependant on the urgency of the care you require you may find that you could experience up to a four hour wait.

If Birthing at City:

Triage/Labour Ward: 0121 507 4181

Serenity Birth Unit: 01215075655

Community Midwives Office: 0121 507 3774

City Antenatal Clinic Appointments: 0121 507 4387

Sandwell Antenatal Clinic: 0121 507 3675

If Birthing at New Cross

Maternity Ward: 01902 694 035

Midwifery Led Unit: 01902 694 033

Appointments: 01902 694 074

Ante-Natal Clinic: 01902 695 145

Pre-Natal Assessment: 01902 695 145

Ultrasound: 01902 695 920