Our vision and values

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is guided by five strategic objectives which combine to form the overall ‘vision’ for the organisation.

Complementing this are our ‘values’, a set of individual behaviours that we wish to project amongst our workforce in order to deliver effective care for all.

Our vision: Caring for Walsall together

We recently revised our vision to be “Caring for Walsall together” to reflect our ambition for safe integrated care, delivered in partnership with social care, mental health, public health and associated charitable and community organisations.

It is underpinned by five strategic objectives which are to:

  • Provide safe, high-quality care – by continuing to improve the quality of the care we provide, delivering a renewed focus on patient experience and
    continuing to reduce long waits for care
  • Deliver care at home – with our partners in the Walsall health and social care economy, progressing the delivery of Walsall’s integrated model for health and social care
  • Work with partners – continuing to grow the Walsall Together and Black Country Provider Partnership as well as developing stronger relationships with our local GP Federations
  • Value our colleagues – embed ‘Listening into Action’ as the way we do things along with a clinically-led model for our services and a longer-term workforce plan developing new roles and reducing reliance on agency staff
  • Use resources well – take definitive steps to tackle our financial challenges by delivering considerable reductions on our deficits.
    Our ambition is that by 2021 we will be an organisation that is focused on delivering safe care closer to the homes of the communities we serve; have a workforce that is engaged and empowered and is working with partners to ensure our financial sustainability.

Our values: Upholding what’s important to us as a Trust

As well as revising our vision, we engaged with colleagues to agree the values and individual behaviours that we wish to project in our working environments.


“We are open, transparent and honest, and treat everyone with dignity and respect”

  • I appreciate others and treat them courteously with regard for their wishes, beliefs and rights
  • I understand my behaviour has an impact on people and strive to ensure that my contact with them is positive
  • I embrace and promote equality and fairness. I value diversity and understand and accept our differences. I am mindful of others in all that I do.


“We value people and behave in a caring, supportive and considerate way”

  • I treat everyone with compassion. I take time to understand people’s needs, putting them at the heart of my actions
  • I actively listen so I can empathise with others and include them in decisions that affect them
  • I recognise that people are different and I take time to truly understand the needs of others
  • I am welcoming, polite and friendly to all.


“We are proud of what we do and are motivated to make improvements, develop and grow”

  • I take ownership and have a ‘can-do’ attitude. I take pride in what I do and strive for high standards
  • I don’t blame others. I seek feedback and learn from mistakes to make changes to help me achieve excellence in everything I do
  • I act safely and empower myself and others to provide high quality, effective patient-centred services.


“We understand that to achieve the best outcomes we must work in partnership with others”

  • I value all people as individuals, recognising that everyone has a part to play and can make a difference
  • I use my skills and experience effectively to bring out the best in everyone else
  • I work in partnership with people across all communities and organisations.