Board of Directors

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is run by a Board of Directors made up of Executive and Non-Executive Directors.

Like any other large organisation, we need a ‘top-level’ group of people who meet and take decisions so that everyone works together towards common goals, ensures the safest care of our patients and spends our money in the best way.

Our Board of Directors does this and each Director has a specific area of responsibility.

They meet every month in public and documentation for these meetings can be viewed here.

The Board does, however, have to discuss some matters in private (for reasons set out in the Freedom of Information Act 2000) and holds a separate private session. The papers for this meeting are not published.

A Declaration of Interest Register (Updated March 2021) is also available to view.

Non-Executive Directors

Executive Directors

Executive director

Appointed August 2021

Voting position

Text to follow.

Matthew Dodd, Interim Director of Integration


Carla Jones-Charles, Director of Midwifery