Welcome to Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust – We are doing all we can to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe and free from infection. Please help us by washing your hands, wearing a face covering and keeping at least 2 metres away from others when you are visiting the hospital.

COVID-19: Help Us Help You at Walsall Manor Hospital

Residents of all ages are being assured it’s safe for them to visit Walsall Manor Hospital for appointments or treatment if necessary as clinics are back up and running following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clinicians say they know there are some patients who feel too anxious or concerned to attend, particularly if they are shielding, and they are urging them to reconsider before missing vital appointments or seeking help. Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Emergency Department is starting to see an increase in attendances but staff believe many are staying away from there too.

Joan Dyer, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Outpatients’ Matron said: “We do appreciate people’s worries which are entirely understandable given that we are still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

But we have organised our services to minimise the risk of people coming into contact with coronavirus and want them to know that we are here for them.

“Outpatient attendees are separate to those accessing other areas of the hospital so their contact with others is kept to a minimum. We ask patients to attend appointments alone unless there is an essential reason to bring someone with them and visiting is still restricted at the hospital.

“We have recently moved our chemotherapy unit for example on to route 106 so that patients who come in through the main entrance have just a short distance to go to receive their treatment, rather than walking through the hospital into the maternity services area. Associated clinics are now in this area for patients who need blood transfusions and other treatments. Our Medical Day Case Unit is in this area too.”

Ned Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer for the trust added: “We know that people will have seen images in the media of the pandemic at its height and these will have left them feeling extremely anxious.

“It has been a frightening time for our staff, patients and their families and sadly, many people have lost their lives. While we are by no means out of the pandemic there are far fewer confirmed cases of the virus in the hospital. As an example, at its peak we had more than 200 inpatients in the hospital who had tested positive – now we are down to less than 10.

“People attending appointments are now required to wear face masks and our staff wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment too. Patients can also help us by making sure they wash their hands and use the hand sanitiser provided, and avoid coming to hospital if they have any of the virus symptoms of a high temperature above 37.8, a new, continuous cough or loss of or change in their taste and smell, unless of course their condition is urgent.

“We are still observing two metre social distancing and everyone arriving at our Emergency Department is met at the door and asked if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. All patients who are admitted to hospital are tested now too. Where appropriate we are running virtual appointments but if a patient’s GP or hospital clinician advises them to attend hospital it is with good reason.

“Our message is clear – if you need us we’re here for you. Don’t be too afraid to seek help that could potentially save your life.”

I’m scared I’ll catch coronavirus if I come to hospital.

The hospital currently has less than 10 inpatients who have tested positive for coronavirus compared to more than 200 at the pandemic’s peak. These patients are isolated on a ward – they are not walking freely through the hospital.
When you arrive for your outpatients’ appointment you’ll be give hand sanitiser and shown where to go – minimising your contact with others and keeping to a two metre social distance.

Is the hospital clean?

Our hospital is cleaned every day and we follow strict Infection Prevention and Control measures.  We have volunteers stationed at all entrances to the hospital urging visitors to use the hand gel provided and wear a face  covering or a mask

Are the staff wearing the appropriate protection?

Our staff have access to adequate PPE and have been advised of the most appropriate PPE to wear in the areas in which they work.

How can I keep myself safe?

If you have any of the recognised symptoms of the virus which are a temperature of 37.8 or above, a new continuous cough, a change or loss of taste or smell please don’t come into the hospital.

Otherwise, please wear your own face covering if you can – we will give you a mask if not – and use the hand sanitiser available. Please do not wear gloves as these transmit germs.

Despite the recent changes regarding access to lateral flow tests (LFT), we strongly encourage visitors to continue testing ahead of attending the hospital and other Trust sites. Visitors unable to access an LFT ahead of their visit will still be able to access testing on-site at this time (via the Welcome Hub). Any changes to this will be communicated.