Visiting a ward

Walsall Healthcare currently operates a controlled visiting policy, two visitors can visit a patient together on one of our available time slots a day.

Visits can be book via our Welcome Hub on 01922 444 040, the Welcome Hub is open from 8am – 6.30pm Monday through to Sunday.  We also operate an online booking system; this system allows you to book for up to one day in advance and emails you with your booking confirmation.

Please click here for our online booking form

To contact a ward please call 01922 721172

Ward nameLocation
Ward 1
Elderly care and General Medicine
Route 240
Ward 2
Elderly care
Route 240
Ward 3
Community Discharge Unit
Route 240
Ward 4
Adult Community care group.
Stroke Rehabilitation Unit (SRU)
Route 240
Wards 5/6
Acute Medical Unit (AMU)
Route 235
Ward 7
Acute Cardiac Unit
Route 231
Cardiac Intervention SuiteRoute 231, opposite ward 7
Ward 8
Discharge Lounge
Route 138
Ward 9
Orthopaedic Trauma
Route 137
Ward 10
General Medicine -
long term conditions
Route 137
Ward 11
Acute Surgical Unit (ASU)
Route 139
Ward 12
Acute Surgical Unit (ASU)
Route 139
Ward 14
Acute medicine (complex discharge ward)
Route 143
Ward 15
General Medicine, predominantly Diabetes and Haematology
Route 143
Ward 16
Route 144
Ward 17
Respiratory Medicine
Route 144
Intensive Care Unit
Route 237
Ward 19
Ambulatory care
Route 233
Ward 20a
Orthopaedic Surgery
Route 201
Ward 20b
Inpatient Surgery/Urology/ENT
Route 201
Ward 20c
Surgical Daycase Centre/ENT/Orthopaedic/Podiatry/Dental/Urology
Route 201
Ward 21
Paediatric inpatient and day-case elective ward
Route 221
Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU)Route 223
Ward 22
Day Case - Chemotherapy
Route 224
Ward 23
Gynaecology and Breast - Inpatients
Route 224
Ward 24
Transitional care
Route 225
Ward 25
Ante and Post-natal
Route 225
Ward 26
Gynaecology Assessment and Early Pregnancy Unit
Route 230
Ward 27
Delivery suite
Route 128
Ward 28
Neo-Natal Unit (NNU)
Route 127
Ward 29
Acute short-stay unit
Route 242