Apprenticeships have been an integral part of the workforce at Walsall Healthcare since 2003, apprenticeship standards are available across a range of business areas and sectors. Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way for any business to grow talent and develop motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Apprenticeship training is nationally recognised standard and contains transferable skills. Most Apprenticeships have embedded qualifications and go up to degree/master’s degree level. Apprenticeships are delivered fully by external training providers, resulting in a larger more diverse range of apprenticeships available and utilised, to better meet the needs of service requirements, ensuring apprentices receive sector specific training from providers that are highly competent in their field.

The trust will foster a positive working environment of highly skilled individuals ensuring the quality-of-service delivery.

Apprenticeships work best when they are embedded into the fabric of recruitment and workforce strategies. By choosing a combination of standards in areas across the organisation, we tailor our apprenticeship offer to maximise the benefits that are most important for our business.

Apprenticeships allow the new and developed skills to be applied into practice immediately, rather that awaiting completion. Apprenticeship standards differ in the way they are delivered by training providers, across the levels, this may include block weeks training or day release.

The Placement Employment and Experience team (PEET) was formed in January 2020 and is committed to promoting apprenticeships, work experience, clinical placements and pre-employment programmes for the trust. Contributing to the progression of new staff, internal staff, meeting the needs of the divisions with higher level apprenticeships, assisting in filling the skills gap.

The Trust is committed to creating a learning organisation where its workforce is recognised as its most important resource.

Current apprenticeships that the trust are supporting include:

  • Level 2 Healthcare Support worker
  • Level 3 Senior Healthcare support worker
  • Level 5 Nurse associate
  • Level 6 Registered nurse
  • Level 6 Midwifery
  • Level 2 Healthcare Science
  • Level 6 Allied Healthcare Professional
  • Level 7 Advanced Clinical Practitioner
  • Level 6 Diagnostic Radiographer
  • Level 6 Speech and Language therapist
  • Level 6 ODP
  • Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner
  • Level 3 Business Administration
  • Level 3 Team Leader
  • Level 5 HR Consultant Business Partner
  • Level 6 Chartered Manager
  • Level 7 Senior People Professional
  • Level 7 Senior Leader
  • Level 4 Professional Accounting and taxation technician
  • Level 7 Accountancy and Taxation professional
  • Level 2 Supply chain warehouse operative
  • Level 3 Data Technician
  • Level 4 Data Analyst
  • Level 4 Engineering and manufacturing Technician
  • Level 2 Pharmacy Services Assistant
  • Level 3 Pharmacy Technician
  • Level 3 Mortuary Technician
Level Description of apprenticeship Role suitability Progression
2 Intermediate apprenticeships Duration 12-months, obtaining qualifications equivalent to GCSEs. Entry requirements vary from one or more GCSEs to no formal qualifications or experience. Suitable for entry-level roles On completion possible advancement to an advanced qualification or move into further education at a higher level.
3 Advanced apprenticeships. Duration 18-month to 24 months. Entry requirements up to five GCSEs, including maths and English, and sector experience. May achieve professional recognition upon completion by the relevant professional organisation or institute Suitable for extended roles with enhanced skills. On completion possible advancement to a higher apprenticeship/foundation degree.
4 Higher apprenticeships offering a foundation degree equivalent qualifications and experience. Duration 12 to 60 months. Entry requirements may be five GCSEs, level 3 qualifications or A-levels, with the addition of sector experience Suitable for supportive roles for healthcare professionals or managers On completion possible advancement to a degree apprenticeship
5 Higher apprenticeship offering a foundation degree/1st year of a bachelor’s degree equivalent qualifications and experience. Duration 12 to 60 months. Entry requirements may be five GCSEs, level 3 qualifications or A-levels, with the addition of sector experience Suitable for individuals who work autonomously or in a team. Professional awarding body requirement roles On completion possible advancement to a Bachelor’s Degree
6 A degree apprenticeship working towards a Bachelor’s degree apprenticeship. Duration 18 to 36 months. Entry requirements may be five GCSEs, level 3 qualifications or A-levels, with the addition of sector experience. Suitable for team leaders or managers. On completion possible advancement to a Master’s Degree
7 A degree apprenticeship working towards a master’s degree. Entry requirements may be A levels or a bachelor’s degree. Duration 24 to 48 months Suitable for higher management roles


What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust?

  • Improves patient care
  • Learn and develop skills, knowledge, and behaviours
  • Develop team working skills
  • Gain transferable skills
  • Gain career progression
  • Be able to apply for advanced level promotions
  • Gain a salary whilst learning
  • Gain a qualification
  • Be part of the local workforce
  • Benefit from ongoing and personalised support
  • Gain real work experience

What are the Entry Requirements?

The requirements vary depending on the apprenticeship level. You can see these requirements on the NHS England website using the link,

How much do Apprentices get paid?                                                                                                                                                                                            Apprenticeship salary will depend on the terms and conditions set out by the employer, at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust apprentices’ salary is based on National Minimum wage for your age or national living wage, unless otherwise stated in the vacancy details.

What is the holiday entitlement for an apprentice?                                                                                                                                                                       Apprentices annual leave entitlement may vary per employer, at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, an apprentices annual Leave entitlement for an apprentice is 27 days per annual year from April until March.

What is the duration of an apprenticeship?                                                                                                                                                                                                    This would be dependant on the level and type of apprenticeship, they will be between 1 and 5 years to complete. Apprenticeship search / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

What age do I need to be to do an apprenticeship?                                                                                                                                                                     Apprenticeships are open to anyone of 16 years onwards

Will I need to attend college or university?                                                                                                                                                                                               Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust work with several external providers, colleges and Universities who deliver a blended approach to learning with the apprentice including face to face and virtual training

Useful links and contacts

For apprenticeship details Apprenticeship search / Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

For apprenticeship vacancies at Walsall Healthcare  NHS Jobs

For further apprenticeship vacancies Find an apprenticeship – GOV.UK (

Placement Team at Walsall Healthcare