Your hospital appointment

If you have a query about your appointment you can contact the Outpatient Booking Team by calling 01922 444000.

If you do not attend your appointment (known as a ‘DNA’) without cancelling beforehand, you may not be offered a new appointment date and may be discharged back to your GP’s care. If you are unable to attend an arranged appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that your appointment can be given to another patient.

Patient Notice May 2020

Outpatient Consultation letters will now be addressed to you

We will no longer be addressing your outpatient consultation letter to your GP and sending you the copy.

We will now be addressing your outpatient consultation letter to you and sending the copy to your GP. This is to ensure that your consultation is confirmed to you and you understand your care.

You have the option to opt-out. If you do not wish to receive your consultation letters, please inform your hospital clinician at your appointment.

To cancel an appointment you will need to phone 01922 721172 and then dial an extension below.

Department or service Extension
Arrhythmia Nurse 7690
Heart Failure 7860
AMU (Medical Acute Clinic) 7888
Ante-Natal 6576/6278
Audiology 7628
Clinical Measurement Unit 7088
Colposcopy 7241
Endoscopy 6217
Easi–Book (Urology) 6630
Easi–Book (Urology) 6630
Easi–Book (Surgery) 7577/7780
Easi–Book (Gynaecology) 7673
Easi–Book (All other) 6667
Fracture Clinic 7861/7862
Haematology 6487
Imaging 7405
Minor ops (Dermatology) 6245
Oncology 7446
Orthoptics 7244
Orthotics 6511
Physiotherapy 6881