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New service for post-menopausal women

2023-02-07T12:25:13+00:00Tuesday 7 February 2023|

A Walsall service has been adapted with the aim of spotting signs of endometrial cancer quicker, improving patients’ experience.

Women who go through the menopause should no longer have periods, so if Post-Menopausal Bleeding (PMB) does occur, it can be a sign of endometrial cancer.

A PMB clinic already runs in gynaecology outpatients at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, but following a pilot scheme, the organisation is introducing a one-stop clinic where investigation and treatment will take place during the same visit.

Sonographers now perform scans in the Gynaecology Procedure Suite, following which they are seen by gynaecologist.

Vinita Gurung, Consultant in Gynaecology and Clinical Director for Women’s Services, will see the patients in the clinic with a Staff Nurse and a Clinical Support Worker and will perform endometrial biopsy or hysteroscopy if it is indicated

Polyp and fibroid resection can be carried out at the same time. This will enable patients to be seen in one clinic and receive their investigations and treatment quicker.

Hayley Whitehouse, Professional Lead for Ultrasound/Deputy Professional Lead for Imaging, said: “Ultrasound scans can help detect abnormalities in the womb and ovaries, so it’s really important we see women with this problem quickly.

“Should they need further investigations as a result of their scan, this can then be performed while they’re in the clinic. This clinic will allow more patients to be seen by increasing appointments and ultimately making their experience a better one.

“We’ve recently completed a pilot and we’re looking at changes to ensure the clinic sees more patients with PMB. Hopefully this will provide better outcomes for gynae patients.”

Vinita Gurung said: “This one-stop clinic will streamline and expedite investigation and management of women presenting with postmenopausal bleeding and will improve patient experience.”

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