Cancer Multidisciplinary Teams Charter

The Charter defines the service and standards that key stakeholders should expect. It defines key roles for referrer and key multi-disciplinary members.

Purpose: clear communication of care plans for suspected or confirmed cancer patients.

  • Referrals to any MDT should be sent to attaching a completed tumour site specific proforma.
  • Referrer details MUST include the responsible Named Consultant for the patient with direct contact number and direct email address. No ward emails
  • State the question to the MDT: such as you are requesting an opinion regarding abnormal scan findings, suspicious symptoms or what concern for malignancy?
  • How is the patient? Self-care, mobile, performance status?
  • What does the patient know about their condition? Are they aware of the suspicion of cancer? 
  • The named consultant remains ultimately responsible for the patients’ care unless the MDT outcome states otherwise
  • Referrer should return to the MDT with outcome or if further opinion is required 
  • MDT Lead Clinician will lead the MDT discussion and approve the MDT opinion and advice. They should also discuss if the patient is to be upgraded to a cancer pathway and tracked as ‘urgent-suspected cancer’.
  • MDT Co-ordinator will document the advice and guidance and this will be returned directly to the referrer via the Cancer Services MDT Co-ordinator following the meeting and by end of the next working day. Please request read receipt to emails. 
  • MDT Tracker on receipt on MDT minutes will add this patient for tracking of investigations. If not upgraded to urgent – then non-urgent pathway.

Any questions please contact: