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Images speak a thousand words to patients

2020-01-21T15:01:16+00:00Tuesday 21 January 2020|

Butterflies and cars are just some of the images being used on Ward 3 of Walsall Manor Hospital to help patients feel at home and less anxious about their stay.

Students from Whitecrest Primary School in Great Barr, worked with Walsall Healthcare’s Patient Experience team to help create this artwork which is used in the ward environment.

Patient Experience Administrator, Chloe Danks said: “We are always looking for opportunities to work in partnership so we were delighted when Whitecrest Primary School was so enthusiastic about helping our patients.

“We definitely have some artists in the making as the pieces created look wonderful. They definitely add a pop of colour to patients’ bedsides and are a simple yet effective way of showing support.”

Advanced Nurse Practioner – Older People’s Mental Health Liaison Team, Debbie Shaw said: “These images have been great because when a patient gets out of bed at night or is moved to a different ward or room they may get confused. But now they will look for their familiar pink butterfly or green car or yellow flower and it will help them feel more calm and comfortable.”

Debbie added: “I am so passionate about this and it honestly is the simple things that make a difference.

“When you sit down and have a chat with agitated or nervous patients you can get a lot more out of them. It’s about making people important. People matter.”

As well as these images, staff are also using the “What Matters To Me” boards. These boards are used to write down personal information about patients such as how many sugars they like in their tea, what their favourite food is or what they used to work as. The information is always different as it is unique to each individual.


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