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A worthwhile programme according to Becky

2019-03-27T19:09:06+00:00Wednesday 27 March 2019|
  • TNA Becky Rodda

“Walsall Healthcare has invested in me and that means a lot.”


After 18 years of working for Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Becky Rodda was ready for a challenge and when one of her colleagues suggested the Trainee Nursing Associate programme would give her that challenge the idea appealed to her.

“I was happy in Walsall but to have an opportunity to take on something new and to stretch myself was just what I needed,” said the mother-of-two, who was a Clinical Support Worker.

“I think that when the TNA programme was first announced there were some Staff Nurses who worried that their jobs were going to be taken away from them and I can understand that as this was a new pilot and we were developing it as we went along. But I hope everyone can now see what a worthwhile programme this has been – registered nurses can focus on their more complex clinical duties because of the care and support we can give to patients.

“I look back now and think Walsall Healthcare has invested in me and that means a lot. I now want to give back to the trust by finding my feet in my role on Ward 15, where I trained, and making my own contribution towards this organisation. It’s like I’m saying thank you for being prepared to give me this opportunity.”

Becky, aged 39, did find study, work and family life a juggle.

“I never thought I’s go to university and never at this point in my life but with the support of others – including Sister Alison Taylor who has been fantastic – it has been possible.

“I still feel like I’m finding my feet and will enjoy settling into my role as a qualified Nursing Associate but I do think that if there’s an option to go on and progress further I will be confident enough to take it.”



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