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“We’ve been able to influence change,” says Michael

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  • Trainee Nursing Associate Michael on ward 29

“It’s an achievement in itself that we’ve been part of such an important pilot”


Back home in the Philippines Michael Cope worked in Paediatrics and Intensive Care but he found coming to work in the UK a very different experience when he made the move 11 years ago.

“Hospitals are very basic in my home country so this has been really eye opening”, he said.

Michael initially worked in a residential home but became a bank Clinical Support Worker before becoming a permanent CSW on Ward 29 which is where he will continue to work after qualifying.

“I expected it to be a bumpy ride becoming a Trainee Nursing Associate because we were the first wave of staff to be on the programme. But we have been able to influence changes and have been very much encouraged to give feedback so that these bumps can be ironed out.

“It’s an achievement in itself that we’ve been part of such an important pilot but we are all so proud to have come this far and to be able to say that we’ve qualified now.”

Like many of his colleagues Michael, aged 33,  found it challenging to juggle work and home life with studying.

“Now I’m at the end though I can honestly say it has been worth it and I don’t regret it at all plus I’ve had so much support from Ward 29 staff.  I would describe it as challenging but beneficial. I really enjoy what I do and wanted to work in a hospital in this country. While we may all have come to the end of our training this is definitely the start of our new careers and I don’t think we’ll ever stop learning and developing.”

Now the studying is at an end Michael does admit he’s looking forward to relaxing.

“It’s nice to think we can forget about assessments now!”

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