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Eyes down for a good night’s sleep

2019-03-29T16:29:21+00:00Friday 29 March 2019|
  • Sleep packs have been given to wards to help patients

A charity donation of eye masks and ear plugs will be just the tonic for patients trying to get a good night’s sleep at Walsall Manor Hospital.

The items have been bought by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Well Wishers charity as part of the Quiet Protocol which was launched last year. This has been introduced following feedback through Patient Experience surveys which showed that patients are often having trouble falling and staying asleep due to noisy and often too bright environments. This can have a real impact on their recovery.

A noisy environment is also detrimental to staff as it can make communication difficult and amplify work pressures which means an increased chance of errors being made.

Wards now start a wind down at 9pm-10pm taking the last evening round as an opportunity to better prepare patients for a peaceful evening; checking their pain levels and positioning needs, providing oral care and making ear plugs and eye masks available if requested.

Fundraising Manager Georgie Westley and Patient Experience administrator Chloe Danks went on to wards to issue the sleep packs and patients were full of praise for both the initiative and the charity’s donation.

On Ward 2 Roger Parkes, aged 81, said: “The Quiet Protocol is a really good idea. I will definitely use the eye mask if I struggle to sleep and it’s good of the charity to provide them.”

Bill Reeves, 67, also on Ward 2, has been in and out of hospital since September last year and can’t wait to get back home to wife Karen, his three children and dog.

He said: “The pack is a fantastic idea and the charity is great for providing them. I’m going home today but during my stay it would have been nice to occasionally be able to block out the noise. The What matters To Me Boards are also an excellent idea on here.”

Georgie added: “Well Wishers funded 2,000 sleep packs through donations made by members of the public buying books and other items from the Purple Hub and we’re thrilled to be helping patients’ recovery in this way. I’d also like to thank trust volunteer Peter Gilbert for his efforts in making up the packs with us.”

The Quiet Protocol is initiated from 11pm to 6am when all staff are encouraged to reduce controllable noise.

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