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Charity donates bottle warmers for babies

2023-10-04T08:41:22+01:00Wednesday 4 October 2023|

Additional bottle warmers have been made available on Walsall’s Neonatal Unit (NNU) thanks to your charity support through the Fundraising Hub.

Walsall Healthcare’s Well Wishers charity has bought three bottle warmers following feedback from parents who said they wanted a bottle warmer in every room.

Bottle warmers heat up a bottle of breast milk or formula that has been stored in the fridge or freezer. It will maintain the correct temperature for breast milk, which helps breast milk to retain its nutritional properties. It can also heat up ready-to-use formula from a bottle.

Lisa Poston, Neonatal Matron, said: “The bottle warmers stay on the ward for staff and parental use.

“They benefit both babies and families as the more warmers we have, the less waiting time for feeds to be heated. For example, if there are four feeds due at the same time then four feeds can be made together which means babies can be fed even quicker.

“This also benefits staff as is it is a more efficient use of their time. It will be easier to arrange their workload and they can have the correct temperature made instantly for baby to feed ensuring patient safety.

“Our goal is to now have one in every room including the NNU parent flats. These rooms are prioritised for parents of extremely sick babies, to stay during their baby’s admission otherwise they can be used to promote bonding, breastfeeding and to be close to baby.”

She added: “We can’t thank Well Wishers enough for helping us to provide these for the unit, it is very much appreciated.”

Georgie Westley, Fundraising Manager said: “We’re pleased to have supported our NNU, helping families and staff. We obtained these thanks to funds raised through the Fundraising Hub. This includes the sale of books, knitted wear, cards, other items and the contribution from businesses situated in the Main Atrium.

“Every ward or department has its own Trust Fund. This is money that has been raised through our charity and donated from the generous community so a huge thank you to everyone who supports us – whether buying something from our Fundraising Hub or doing a fundraiser for us.”

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