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Ruth: “I’ve gone smoke free for my grandchild”

2023-03-08T10:24:05+00:00Wednesday 8 March 2023|

A Walsall grandmother-to-be has gone smoke free for the sake of her unborn grandchild.

Ruth Jackson, 54, from Beechdale, had been smoking 25 cigarettes a day for 39 years, since she was 15. She accepted the offer of a 12-week plan including Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NCT) with advice and support last November and hasn’t smoked since December 12, 2022.

The shop assistant is keeping a close and interested eye on daughter Sophie, 21 who is six months pregnant, and wanted to have a healthier lifestyle as an example to her daughter and grandchild.

“Ruth chose to use nicotine patches and an inhalator and set a quit date of 12 December 2022,” said Wendy Salisbury (pictured right), Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor at Walsall Healthcare. “She’s just completed her 12-week plan and remains smoke free, which is a huge achievement for her!

“She’s been great to work with and very committed to achieving her goal of being smoke free in preparation for the arrival of her new grandchild.”

Ruth said: “I feel fantastic. When I’m walking, my chest doesn’t hurt, whereas it did before, I can breathe better, smell better and taste better and I don’t crave cigarettes whatsoever.

“I’ve been using the patches and the plastic white cigarette to hold and I’d advise anyone trying to give up to use them. I used the first patch then used the second one for two weeks and didn’t need to use any after that – I just didn’t fancy a cigarette.

“It was a bit difficult coming off them to start with but when I put my mind to something, that’s it. I’ve done it for myself, my daughter, my unborn grandchild, my four other grandchildren and my boyfriend.

“I’m saving £20 a month as I used to smoke roll-ups which are cheaper than normal cigarettes and I’m putting the money saved towards bills and food.”

Ruth has tried to quit before but it didn’t work. This time it’s different though.

“I kept craving when I did it before but this time, the thought of my unborn grand-daughter and my family spurred me on – I don’t want to let them down because they have given me a lot of support,” she added.

“Also, Wendy Pinfolds from the Stop Smoking Team has been absolutely brilliant. Every couple of weeks I went to see her and we had a chat – I told her everything about how I was feeling and she gave me advice. She was a treasure.

“I feel brilliant and I will not go back to smoking. I’d advise anyone to try the patches – you just need willpower and to look for a goal.”

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