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2023-03-08T10:12:51+00:00Wednesday 8 March 2023|

I always like to read the many stories on International Women’s Day – they are full of inspiration from those who have many talents, with many stories where equity has not always been prominent.

This year the theme looks at the world of digital and innovation and highlights the importance of women in this industry.

Historically, the space of science and innovation was not considered the realm of women, but over the last century education and opportunity have presented themselves often with individual dedication, desire and support.

The healthcare and digital space will continue to grow at pace over the coming decades, as technology and robotics assist us in our everyday existence.

The augmentation of humans and technology will become central to all global healthcare systems.

We need more encouragement and support for women to ensure they can participate influence and lead this agenda.

Let’s hope there is a plethora of stories this year that can inspire, guide, and encourage women to work in the health technology industry. Our future care depends on it!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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