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Vaccination reassurance from #RealMidwivesofWalsall

2022-11-10T19:17:42+00:00Thursday 10 November 2022|
  • Outside of Walsall Manor Hospital

Midwives are keen to support and reassure black and brown Walsall mums-to-be who are reluctant to take up their flu, covid and whooping cough vaccines.

Carol King-Stephens, EDI Lead Midwife at Walsall healthcare NHS Trust, has made a TikTok video aimed at communities where take-up is particularly low and wants to bust some of the common myths that may be putting people off. See it here

Carol said: “We want women to be armed with accurate information so that they can make an informed choice about vaccination which protects both mum and baby.

“These days with social media and so many channels carrying information – and misinformation – it is difficult to separate fact from fiction which is why we are trying to help.”

Carol said common myths about the COVID-19 vaccination include:

It contains a microchip

It reacts with your DNA

It affects fertility

She said: “The vaccination is recommended for those who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant and is a more dependable way to build immunity. Contracting COVID-19 late in pregnancy for example can contribute towards premature birth and sever illness so better to be protected against this.”

Flu vaccines are safe during any stage of pregnancy and do not carry any risks for mother or baby. They protect the baby during the first few months of its life as immunity continues after the baby is born.”

The whooping cough vaccine is also offered at the 20 weeks’ scan at Walsall Manor Hospital. Whooping cough is a highly infectious disease that can cause serious complications – and death – especially in young babies.

Carol added: “Pregnancy is a very special time but it can be a vulnerable time too and we want to do all we can to keep mum and baby as safe and well as possible.”

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