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Mum’s thanks for “fabulous” midwife support

2022-03-18T16:59:29+00:00Friday 18 March 2022|
  • Shauni and the latest addition to her family

A mum-of-five who went through a traumatic birth with her youngest child has praised the “amazing care” that she received at Walsall Manor Hospital.

Shauni Sibley, aged 28, singled out “fabulous” midwife Stephanie Burton in particular for being so thorough and attentive when things took a worrying turn earlier this month.

Throughout her pregnancy she had the condition polyhydramnios which is the excessive accumulation of amniotic fluid – the fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus during pregnancy. Her labour was due to be induced on Sunday 6 March as she had reported reduced fetal movements and there were growth concerns with the baby.

She said: “I was examined at around 12.30pm and I was 2-3cm dilated so instead of inducing me they decided they’d just take me to have my waters broken on the labour ward.

“My midwife Stephanie monitored me and then examined me to break my waters at around 6pm. Upon examining me she found that my baby wasn’t engaged and quickly realised the polyhydramnios had re-developed despite an earlier scan showing this had cleared up. My fluid levels were excessive and my baby flipped transverse which caused the cord to bend cutting off his oxygen.

“Stephanie examined  me to make sure it was indeed his bottom she was feeling and not his head and making sure he did actually flip. She then tried her hardest to find his heart rate on the monitor, which had dramatically dropped to around 30 beats per minute. A doctor was called in to quickly scan me to make sure the baby was transverse and I was rushed into theatre for an emergency caesarean section with Stephanie still trying to find his heart rate throughout.

“I was put under general anaesthetic very quickly and my son Theodore was born at 6.26pm, weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces but had to be resuscitated and was sent straight to Neonatal. I lost a lot of blood and needed extra oxygen after coming around but otherwise I was well. I was able to be with Theodore at around 4.30am the next morning.

“Stephanie was fabulous. If she hadn’t been so thorough during her examination things could have been very different for both me and Theodore. She checked over and over again to make sure it was his bottom and not his head; she could have easily checked once and assumed it was his head still down. She continuously tried to find his heart rate and when it did eventually go back up just before I was put to sleep, she breathed an absolute sigh of relief and I just know how much of a worrying it must have been for her as well as me and my partner Daniel. “

Shauni, who has children Tyler 10, Jax seven, Eliza four and Freya two, and lives in Bloxwich, said maternity services staff were also mindful of her mental health as she suffers from anxiety and depression.

She added: “The whole experience was traumatic but the care I received from the doctor and midwife before and after my c-section was amazing. They made sure to let both me and my partner know what was going on and what had happened during theatre. The care I had from the midwives on The Primrose Ward afterwards was brilliant too.

“Even though sometimes the midwives were extra busy they were quick to come into my room if I pressed the call button and were quick to give me pain relief when I needed it too. I didn’t get chance to thank Stephanie at the time with everything going on but I do want her to know how grateful we are. The level of care I received was extraordinary.”

Leanne, O’Flaherty, Maternity Inpatient Matron, said: “Steph is a real asset to our delivery team and a joy to be on shift with. Thank you for this lovely feedback Shauni, she will be delighted, and we all send you and baby Theodore our best wishes.”

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