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Featuring Dietitian Katie Vincent this Nutrition and Hydration Week

2022-03-18T10:36:36+00:00Friday 18 March 2022|

Here at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust (WHT), we are marking Nutrition and Hydration Week (14-20 March 2022) – an annual event in which we recognise the importance of patients and staff maintaining a healthy diet.


We have joined forces with Katie Vincent, Dietitian, to learn how the clinical teams are supporting service-users with their nutritional needs.


Having worked for the Trust for just under three years, Katie, alongside a wider team, supports patients by providing practical advice about food and nutrition – while also promoting healthy living through clear diet plans.


Her team covers the majority of the general medicine wards at Walsall Manor Hospital – seeing patients who are malnourished, eternally fed or in need of specific dietary guidance.  


When asked what her role entails, she replied: “I oversee referrals to our service so patients can be seen by the most appropriate team member.

“Alongside this, I carry out ‘rounds’ where we see patients all over the hospital in need of dietetic treatment.”

While supporting Nutrition and Hydration Week, the dietician wants to raise awareness of the impact of diet and hydration in all aspects of patient care.

“Most people forget how important good nutrition and hydration is, and are unaware of its links to serious complications such as cachexia, skin degradation and infections.

“By highlighting this event we can spread the word and help enhance our patients journey.”

Thank you for being featured Katie!  

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