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Supporting bereaved parents – in memory of two special babies

2021-05-01T12:01:59+01:00Saturday 1 May 2021|
  • Jamie and Hannah visit Walsall Manor Hospital
  • Wellbeing boxes for bereaved parents

A Midland couple who lost their two baby daughters will now be supporting bereaved parents in Walsall thanks to a special charity partnership.

Hannah and Jamie Peters want to supply parent wellbeing boxes to Walsall Manor Hospital as part of the bereavement support offered following baby loss.

They set up the Rose & Daisy Foundation following the loss of their daughter Rose in February 2019 and their daughter Daisy in August 2020. Rose lived for 12 days and Daisy for one hour and 43 minutes

Now, working with Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Well Wishers charity and Bereavement Midwife Laura Atkinson, they want to concentrate on helping others struggling to come to terms with their loss.

Hannah, aged 31, explained that post mortems revealed that Rose and Daisy both had an extremely rare genetic condition called alveolar capillary dysplasia. There are only five known cases in the UK and just 200 worldwide.

“When Rose passed away we were given leaflets which were actually full of very useful information and were something we could read much later on but it felt something was missing in the immediate aftermath of what happened,” said Hannah, who lives in Bromsgrove.

“The foundation has now created parent wellbeing boxes to go along with memory boxes that may offer some comfort and support to others suffering baby loss.

“We have put a baby details book in there, along with a journal that can be used by both parents. This journal focuses on mindfulness and encourages people to try and do different things through the day – and if all they manage is getting out of bed that is perfectly understandable and still an achievement considering what they have been through.

“We’re proud to launch this partnership between the charities.”

The box will also contain useful information about what to expect after your baby has passed away, a certificate of birth (for babies due before 24 weeks) tea lights and three crocheted hearts; one for each parent and one for baby and forget me not seeds.

Jamie said: “Setting up the Rose and Daisy Foundation and trying to do something that will help others has given us strength as we live with our own loss.

“We think about our daughters each and every day and remember feeling so isolated afterwards. People find it difficult to talk about death and baby loss is even harder. This feels like a legacy for our babies and we hope other bereaved parents get a sense that someone understands what they’re going through.”

Jamie added that wellbeing boxes will also be used by parents whose babies are in intensive care.

The foundation also offers support to parents and other family members who have experienced the loss of a baby.

Laura Atkinson, Walsall Healthcare Bereavement Midwife, said: “We feel privileged to be able to offer wellbeing boxes for parents as a result of this special partnership.

“Hannah and Jamie know all too well how those who have suffered a baby loss will feel and have used this compassion and understanding to create something that will actually mean a lot to bereaved parents. Maternity Services would like to sincerely thank them for their thoughtfulness for others.”

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