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Supporting bereaved Walsall families

2021-04-30T22:52:35+01:00Friday 30 April 2021|
  • Staff with bereavement cards

Bereaved families will be given a condolence card after a charity initiative to support those trying to deal with the death of a loved one at Walsall Manor Hospital.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Well Wishers charity has produced special bereavement cards following a suggestion from Ward 17 Sister Michelle Williams.

Michelle said: “I thought a card would be an appropriate gesture for our staff who do want to let families or friends know how sorry they are if they have been caring for a patient who sadly dies.

“Once again our Well Wishers charity has been able to take this on board and develop bereavement cards that all the wards across the hospital can use. It’s important to staff to be able to pass on their condolences in this way and also something quite personal that can be read at a later date.”

Georgie Westley, Fundraising Manager, said: “The charity thought this was a really thoughtful idea from staff and is pleased to able to support something that is aimed at supporting families and friends at such a difficult time.

“The cards also contain details of the Well Wishers charity as many ask for its details following the death of a loved one as they either want to become involved in fundraising or make a donation in their memory.”

Created by Walsall Healthcare’s Graphic Designer Manoj Lakha, the cards feature the well-known and much-loved tree of life dedicated to Walsall’s former Director of Public Health Dr Sam Ramiah that stands in the gardens of Walsall Palliative Care Centre.



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