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Check-in alerts for trust visitors

2020-09-24T12:07:25+01:00Thursday 24 September 2020|
  • patient scanning code

Visitors to Walsall Healthcare’s hospital and community sites will be urged to register their attendance using a QR code from today, Thursday 24 September, as part of the national NHS Test, Trace, Protect system.

The NHS COVID-19 app is being launched across England and Wales with the public being encouraged to download it and keep a digital diary of all the locations they have visited.

If there is a COVID-19 outbreak linked to their visit, users will get an early warning alert from the NHS.  Visitors would include contractors and people accompanying patients to an appointment for example.

If they have a positive test for COVID-19 people will be able to use the diary to tell contact tracing teams where they have been, helping to manage COVID-19 and protecting other people.

Matthew Lewis, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “NHS QR code posters are at the entrances to our hospital and community sites and we’re asking visitors to support the national NHS Test, Trace, Protect system by using their smartphones to check-in once they’ve downloaded the app.

“As well as giving people a diary of where they have been, which helps with contact tracing, the app also enables them to receive public health advice quickly. Their registrations are anonymous and their details secure. This is another way we can all help to manage Covid-19 by protecting visitors and reducing the impact of any second wave. We thank visitors for their co-operation.”

NHS QR codes will also apply to the following:

  • Hospitality services, including pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés
  • Tourism and leisure services, including hotels, museums, cinemas, zoos and theme parks
  • Close contact services, including hairdressers, barber shops and tailors
  • Facilities provided by Local Authorities, including town halls and civic centres for events, community centres, libraries and children’s centres
  • Places of worship, including use for events and other community activities
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