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Thank you Ward 29!

2020-09-25T15:43:15+01:00Friday 25 September 2020|
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“Poise, grace and professionalism” shown by Ward 29 staff during the Covid-19 pandemic has been recognised and celebrated.

A special appreciation presentation organised by Senior Sister Angela Cope and attended by Director of Nursing Ann-Marie Riley took place earlier this month.

In response to Covid-19, Ward 29 became the Acute Admission ward from March 2020.

Angela said this left staff feeling anxious, confused, apprehensive and uncertain about what impact it was going to have on them, their patients, patients’ families and their own families.

Although it was a challenging time, staff continued to deliver the fundamental standards of care, underpinned by the trust values and what became clear was how they worked together as a team and continued the team ethos; supporting each other mentally, psychologically and professionally.

While the trust was doing a lot of work around promoting wellbeing, Angela felt personally proud and wanted to do something to recognise the team. The idea of an appreciation presentation was brought forward by Sister Vera Fornkwah.

Each member of staff was presented with a certificate and a silver-plated fob watch inscribed with their names and “ NHS HERO 2020”.

Angela said: “During the first three weeks of March, when we began to receive patients directly from A&E, I worked alongside my team looking after very sick patients. Unfortunately I then had to leave my team on  24 March 2020 to work from home. I was very sad knowing that I had left in such a difficult and challenging situation which was new to everyone even though I was keeping in touch virtually. However my team showed great poise, grace and professionalism in dealing with unexpected issues and circumstances.

“I have great respect for my team which includes doctors, housekeeping staff, pharmacy and all those involved in providing quality care to our patients and their families. I was very proud and touched by handing out these personalised fob watches along with personal thank you cards all handwritten by myself which Ann Marie-Riley presented.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to ward 29 for its hard work, commitment and loyalty during this unprecedented time. I know when staff are faced with adversity and their backs are against the wall they have the tenacity to pull through.”

Director of Nursing, Ann-Marie added: “The last six months or so have been some of the most difficult in NHS history.

“Our teams, whether working from home or on site, went above and beyond to ensure that we were able to care safely for those who needed to use our services, and so it was an honour and pleasure to support Senior Sister Cope in thanking the team on Ward 29 for its dedication and support.”

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