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Help Walsall Healthcare’s EDI ambition

2020-06-29T17:35:28+01:00Monday 29 June 2020|

Staff, patients, their families and carers and partner organisations throughout the borough are being asked to help shape Walsall Healthcare’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy.

The strategy will set out the organisation’s approach to delivering equality, diversity and inclusion for the benefit of both the patient population and staff who work for the trust and live in Walsall, in line with the aims and objectives of the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty

Walsall Healthcare is working towards a vision for equality, diversity and inclusion where everyone is included and feels valued for the work that they do and where its trust values of Respect, Compassion, Professionalism and Teamwork are brought to life.

The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are critical in the delivery of high quality care for the benefit of Walsall’s diverse population and supports an inclusive and compassionate working environment. It is vital for providing a vision and direction for eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying and abuse, and working with partners to reduce health Inequalities; improving the health outcomes of patients.

Catherine Griffiths, Walsall Healthcare’s Director of People and Culture, said: “As part of the trust’s full commitment to ensuring the successful delivery of the strategy’s aims and objectives, engagement with all groups of staff across our hospital and within our community services as well as with patients, their families and carers and our partners is key.

“Our starting point is a very honest one. We know we need to make significant changes to become a truly equal and supportive place to work and be cared for. Our systems, processes and culture do not deliver equality. The experience of colleagues is less favourable based on ethnicity, disability and other protected characteristics for fundamentals like career progression and promotion, like appointment into posts and for being on the receiving end of violence, aggression and bullying. We will not be an outstanding organisation until and unless this detriment is tackled and eliminated. Making that change a reality is everyone’s business.

“Over the next month there will be information on our website and across twitter and facebook inviting people to get involved in this consultation and engagement and I thank them in advance for contributing towards this important piece of work.”

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