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Learning continues during Covid-19

2020-07-02T17:13:06+01:00Thursday 2 July 2020|
  • Consultants reviewing Covid-19 deaths

Consultants across Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust spent last weekend examining the notes of patients who died after testing positive for Covid-19.

The trust is looking at more than 200 cases using national learning from deaths methodology.

Manjeet Shehmar is the trust’s Mortality Lead and Deputy Medical Director. She explained: “This has been an intense period for clinicians across the organisation but we must take the time to stop, review and reflect.

“There’s always room for improvement and throughout the pandemic we have all learned so much; both locally and nationally.  This may benefit patients in the future.

“Here in Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, every single death is being reviewed and we are also looking into the cases of those patients who survived after contracting the virus. The learning is incredibly important and I thank colleagues for their involvement.”

Consultants involved are respiratory, palliative care, cardiology and elderly care specialists.

Manjeet added that the trust would also be supporting GPs to review deaths in the community and care homes.

“Our findings will be discussed at a Covd-19 summit being held next month,” she said.

The Consultants involved are: Kutaeba Ibrahim, Jayant Gupta, Viswanathan Senthil, Esther Waterhouse and Upul Fernando with support from Alison Hill and Lorraine Moseley and from the Medical Directorate.

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