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Walsall support for COVID-19 survivors

2020-04-26T11:27:09+01:00Sunday 26 April 2020|
  • Outside of Walsall Manor Hospital

Survivors of COVID-19 who have been cared for at Walsall Manor Hospital are being offered psychological support as they continue their recovery.

Walsall Healthcare’s Clinical Health Psychology Service, which is based in the community at Darlaston Health Centre, is offering help to patients that staff refer to the service.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dominic Crowley said: “The kinds of psychological difficulties people may experience after surviving hospitalisation with COVID-19 are likely to include:

Anxiety/ Panic Attacks

Nightmares/ Flashbacks

Emotional numbing

Survivor guilt


“For some patients their period of illness may have been quite traumatic, thinking that they may die, with the added anxiety of no relatives or friends close by to support them. So they may have felt quite isolated and alone. They may have witnessed other people dying too which would be distressing when they were feeling very unwell themselves.

“We want to reassure patients that these feelings are completely normal and they can be eased by talking to somebody about how they’re feeling. They have to remember that there are people all over the country who will be seeking similar support as they have also been in a situation that is completely new to them. We just want to reassure patients that we are still there for them in the weeks and months that they focus on their recovery.”

Support will be offered via telephone or video following staff referral.

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