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Family joy at Eva’s recovery

2020-04-25T18:19:44+01:00Saturday 25 April 2020|

“I just need my rollers and my make-up!”

When 90-year-old Eva Sanders relayed that message to her worried family they knew she was definitely getting better after contracting COVID-19.

Great grandmother Eva, who is now continuing her recovery at home after being cared for on Ward 3 of Walsall Manor Hospital, hasn’t enjoyed the best of health since Christmas as her granddaughter Janine Beresford explains.

Janine, who works for Walsall Healthcare as a clerical officer, said: “She has been in hospital a few times since Christmas with infections but this last time was even more worrying for us being in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

“She felt really unwell and had called for help. The paramedics gave her oxygen because she was really struggling and I must admit that when the ambulance doors closed we couldn’t help but think we wouldn’t see her again which was horrible. My nan is the most sparkliest, loveliest lady and such a strong force in our family so to see her so weak was heartbreaking for me, my sisters and my mum.

“When we found out she had tested positive for COVID-19 we felt anxious all over again because of her age and her health issues prior to the virus. But she is proof that it can be beaten and we just can’t wait to give her a hug again and tell her how much we love her. My mum was able to phone and speak to her and she said “I just need my rollers and my make-up” and we knew then that she was going to get through it.

“She is still recovering and it has knocked her about but just knowing we can go and look at her through the window when she’s home means the world to us all.”

Janine said her family were also indebted to the staff on Ward 3, especially CSW Sarah Bateman.

“They have all been amazing,” she added. “They have looked after her so well but also treated her family well knowing how worried we’ve been at not being able to see her. They try so hard to put your mind at ease.”


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