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International Day of the Midwife – Elizabeth’s story

2019-05-05T21:44:29+01:00Sunday 5 May 2019|
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Elizabeth McDonough is overjoyed at becoming a first time mum, something she never thought she’d achieve.

And she credits the support of Walsall Healthcare’s Wren – Women requiring extra nurturing – team with helping her to achieve her dream.

Elizabeth, aged 38, has suffered from anxiety and depression since the age of 16 and also has other health issues.

“There were times, even when I was carrying my baby, that I still couldn’t quite believe this was happening. I kept thinking something might go wrong,” she said.

“My partner and I had been trying for a baby and were about to start IVF when I became pregnant last year. I had to stop taking my medication and I worried about how I’d cope. When I met Gill from the Wren team she was so kind to me and really listened to me. She helped me build up my confidence and I knew I could get through things.

“My baby girl is called Abigail Rebecca and is nearly four weeks old. She is beautiful and I still can’t believe I’ve got her. It has been a long struggle but it’s definitely worth it.

“The Wren team is such a good thing for women to have in Walsall because there are some of us who need that extra support. I’ve just finished with the team now but know there’s probably lots of other women who will be glad they’ve got someone to turn to.”

Thank you to all the midwives who work in our hospital and community this International Day of the Midwife.

The Wren team has teamed up with our Well Wishers charity to run its Baby Aid appeal where items are collected for mums-to-be who need extra support – whether they’re leaving a domestic violence situation, struggling with mental ill health or dealing with addiction. Teenage mums-to-be are also supported.


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