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Day 3 of the Self Care Challenge

2018-11-14T17:17:07+00:00Wednesday 14 November 2018|
  • Colette relaxes with a coffee

It’s Day 3 of the Self Care Challenge this Self Care Week so let’s see what our blogger Colette has to say about these simple steps:

Ask for help
Go for a swim
Watch your favourite film/programme

Sometimes it’s not the physical pain that is hardest to deal with, it can be emotional pain that’s the biggest challenge.

Confession time. I admit I can be stubborn. I think I can get on with things and don’t need anyone but I’ve come to realise that being honest and admitting I’m struggling is a sign of strength not weakness. True friends want to be there for you and help where they can.

I used to be a competitive swimmer so this is a form of exercise that I really enjoy. I can’t swim like I used to but being in the water makes me feel better. I sometimes take a friend’s children swimming too so I’m not over exerting myself as I’m focused on them but I’m still moving.

And we all deserve to treat ourselves with some me time don’t we? Why not lose yourself in your favourite soap or film? You’re worth it!


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