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Boost your mood

2018-11-15T16:15:12+00:00Thursday 15 November 2018|
  • Colette reads a magazine
Day 4 of the Self Care Challenge sees our blogger Colette urging patients to let their hair down:
De-clutter a drawer
Go for a coffee with a friend
There are days when managing a long term condition just seems so overwhelming and stressful. It’s good to let your hair down and forget everything so why not put on your favourite music and have a dance. Again, we’re not talking Strictly Come Dancing but losing yourself in music and movement releases endorphins which is a great mood booster.
Often, the best way to deal with an overwhelming task is to break it into manageable pieces and regain a sense of control. So if you’ve neglected your home environment, as many people do because there are some days they just have to write off as they feel so unwell, why not do a little bit of de-cluttering at a time? Start with a drawer and see how you go.
If you manage that, reward yourself by meeting up with a friend for a coffee. It can be difficult to socialise sometimes – I know I’ve had to cancel so many events and outings over time – but short catch ups here and there keep you in touch with those who matter to you.
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