8. Referral

In some cases your GP may refer you to other members of the diabetes team.

Who you see and how often will depend on the level of care your GP surgery provides and what your specific needs are.  The roles of the team members are listed below:

GPHas overall responsibility for your healthcare
Practice NurseMay be the person at your surgery who provides you with most of
your diabetes care
Diabetes Specialist NurseWorks solely with people with diabetes providing education, support
and advice
DiabetologistA doctor specialising in diabetes care
DietitianOffers specialist dietary advice for diabetes and weight management
Podiatrist/chiropodistProvides advice and specialist treatment for foot problems caused by diabetes
OptometristProvides eye examinations and some provide retinal screening
PharmacistAre based in pharmacies/ chemists. They give you your prescription
supplies when you give them a prescription from your GP
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