Acute Diabetes and Endocrinology

The Acute Diabetes and Endocrinology service at Walsall Manor Hospital strives to provide the best quality of care to people in the region with both diabetes or hormone-related conditions.

The education and empowerment of patients, carers and primary care providers is the main focus of the service, providing care and advice to both inpatients and outpatients alike. The team is comprised of consultants and clinical nurse specialists, supported by a specialist podiatry team.

The multidisciplinary team also has access to diabetes dieticians, community diabetes specialist nurses, an education team and retinal screening services.

The service operates specialists clinics at the following times:

Dr T Abdu clinics
Monday and Wednesday afternoons – Diabetes clinic
Tuesday afternoon – Joint antenatal clinic (with Gynae/Obstetrics Consultant)
Thursday morning – Medical/Endocrinology clinic

Dr Senthil-Kumar clinics
Tuesday morning – Medical/Endocrinology clinic
Tuesday afternoon – Joint antenatal clinic (with Gynae/Obstetrics Consultant)
Thursday morning – Medical/Endocrinology clinic
Thursday afternoon – MDT foot clinic (with podiatrists)
Friday morning – Diabetes Clinic

Dr F Mian clinics
Monday all day – Diabetes clinics
Wednesday morning – Endocrinology clinic
Wednesday afternoon – 1st week of the month – MDT Transition clinic (with Paediatric Team)
Wednesday afternoon – 2nd week of the month – MDT Pump clinic
Wednesday afternoon – 3rd, 4th, 5th week – Medical/Endocrinology clinic
Thursday morning – Endocrinology clinic 

Dr A Wright (Associate Consultant) clinics
Monday afternoon – Diabetes clinic

Registrar clinics
Wednesday afternoon – Diabetes clinic
Thursday morning – Endocrinology clinic 

Diabetes nurse clinics
Monday/Thursday/Friday afternoon – Diabetes clinic
Tuesday afternoon – Joint antenatal/diabetes clinic

Diabetes Podiatry clinics
Monday all day
Tuesday-Friday mornings

Diabetes/Endocrinology Department – Route 221
Walsall Manor Hospital
Moat Road

Service lead

Dr Tarig Abdu, Clinical Lead for Diabetes

Medical Secretary
01922 656982

Support services

Nursing Team administrator 01922 656543
Dietetics Team 01922 721172 ext 5705
Diabetes Podiatry Team administrator 01922 270382
Diabetes Retinopathy Service Team 01922 721172 ext 7370, 6415

Community Diabetes Nurse Team/Education
Bentley Medical Centre
First Floor, Church Road
Bentley, Walsall

Helen Gough, Service Lead
01922 604970

01922 604970

Healthcare professionals can refer via the Electronic Referral Service (ERS).

Referrals from within Walsall Manor Hospital should be made via – email

Referrals to the Diabetes Podiatry Service should be emailed to