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Communication boards are latest Maternity arrivals

2024-04-17T12:11:03+01:00Wednesday 17 April 2024|

Walsall mums-to-be and their families now have an additional way of communicating when using Maternity Services at the Manor Hospital.

A total of 27 ‘What Matters To Me’ boards have been installed by each bed in Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Delivery Suite, Primrose Ward and the Midwifery-Led Unit.

This project has been led by the Trust’s Patient Relations and Experience Team, with invaluable involvement from Maternity patient experience, and follows a successful rollout some years ago on the elderly care wards by staff there.

The boards are used to feature essential patient information and help communication between patients and staff.

For example, if a patient or birthing partner has a question to ask, or forgot to ask a question during a previous interaction, they can write it on the board and a member of staff will be able to read it and advise or support them.

The board uses a Velcro system which means it is suitable for those lying in bed or sitting on a chair; it has been designed to be as accessible as possible.

Andy Rice, Lead for Patient Voice and Chloe Danks, Senior Patient Experience Officer said:

“We feel really proud to roll this initiative out. It is massive to the patient. We understand no one is the same and for us it is important that we help contribute to their overall experience during this important time in their lives.

“The idea of the ‘What Matters To Me Boards’ were discussed, shaped and designed at a collaboration workshop held at Nashdom Community Hub with service users, staff, partners and the Walsall Maternity and Neonatal Voices Partnership. There were lots of views and ideas shared and the boards were created in mind of the fact that not every birth is the same.

“The boards will benefit our patients as good communication skills have a positive effect on health outcomes. Patients and those important to them want to know about, and participate in, their own health care and associated decision-making. The boards allow them to experience a more personalised approach and provide an opportunity to share what they need more clarity or support on.

“This also benefits staff as it allows them to better understand and connect with their patients and is also a constant reminder of how important communication is to patient experience.”

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