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Celebrating leap year babies – at the double!

2024-02-29T16:54:25+00:00Thursday 29 February 2024|

Two families were celebrating unusual births at Walsall Manor Hospital today after their babies arrived in a leap year.

First to arrive on February 29 – the date which only comes around once every four years – was baby boy born to mum Oluwaseun Adeleye, 30, and partner Adebisi Adeleye, at 9.52am.

Tipping the scales at 8lbs 8oz, the boy, who arrived on time, is still to be named and is a brother to Ewalfeoluwa, aged six.

“It’s special anyway but we will have an extra special celebration in four years’ time,” said Oluwaseun, a Staff Nurse on Ward 14 at Walsall Manor Hospital. “We will celebrate his birthday every year though.”

At 11.37am, George Thomas Paddock arrived as the first child to Willenhall couple Louise and Tom Paddock, both 29.

George, who weighed 8lbs 4oz, was due tomorrow but was delivered by caesarean section because of his size.

“I initially panicked because people were saying it was going to be a leap year baby,” said Walsall Manor born Louise, who works as a DBS disclosure manager for the police.

“But then this was the only day they could fit my caesarean in so I thought it was meant to be, and everyone reassured us it was a special day.”

Tom, an IT remote support worker for Toshiba, added: “The date doesn’t matter to me – just that he’s healthy. We’ll celebrate his birthday on the 28th and then every four years, when he can have two birthdays!”

The couple, who have been married for two years and together for 14 years, expected the birth to fall on an unusual day.

Tom’s younger brother Chris Keane was a Christmas Day baby, and his son Charlie, 15 – Tom’s nephew – shares the same birthday, 14 June, as one of Tom and Chris’s other brothers Aiden Paddock, 24.

Both families are hoping to go home soon.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust Midwives Jess Blowen and Ayokunmi Apeyiomo, were part of the delivery team for both babies, and were delighted to share the joy of the unusual occasion.

“It was lovely,” said Ayokunmi, who is also a February baby, having been born on the 12th and has been a Midwife for 14 years. “The babies are strong boys.

“George cried when he came out and we had to do a bit of resuscitation, so just when we thought we’d have to go to Neonatal, he settled down and he could stay with his mum and dad.”

Jess, who has been a Midwife for more than four years having qualified in November 2019, added: “It’s a privilege to be part of all families’ journeys, but an extra special privilege today to have my first leap year baby.”

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