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Praise for Walsall’s Neonatal Unit

2023-11-15T10:02:26+00:00Wednesday 15 November 2023|

A Walsall couple have praised Neonatal services at the Manor Hospital for the support and care they are receiving.

Sarah Durnall and James Sinclair welcomed baby Noah James Sinclair into the world on Tuesday 24 October.

Noah weighed 9lbs and was delivered at 36+2 weeks after mum Sarah, aged 35, suffered ovarian cysts and gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar (glucose) that develops during pregnancy and usually disappears after giving birth. It can cause problems such as baby growing larger than usual, premature birth and baby having low blood sugar or jaundice.

The care Noah is currently receiving on the unit is to help support with nurturing and feeding due to his cleft palate.

Sarah, who works on Ward 4 at the Trust as a Clinical Support Worker, said:

“I had a planned c-section with Noah and to see him so poorly in the incubator was really scary and emotional. But the Neonatal Nurses have been so lovely and the support from them has been above and beyond. They have not only been looking after Noah but James and I too.

“My c-section scar actually got infected and because of this they moved us into the parent flats. It’s been fantastic to be able to stay here because it means we get to be near our baby boy.

“This experience has actually made me consider a career change to Neonatal as the support I have received has touched me so much.”

James, a Telecoms engineer said: “The Neonatal Nurses have been excellent at explaining things to us. It can be difficult understanding clinical terms, but they always break it down for us and make sure we’re involved and supported throughout.”

The couple, who are already parents to 10-year-old Emily, added: “We can say without a doubt that the staff that have looked after Noah were meant to be in this profession.

“The Neonatal Nurses always told us ‘Just think of us as Noah’s aunties’ and that was so comforting to us and showed how much they cared – they are like extended parts of our family. We can’t thank them enough.”

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