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Hindu ladies’ group supports Walsall cancer patients  

2023-09-08T11:16:53+01:00Friday 8 September 2023|
  • The ladies' group hands over a cheque.

Kind-hearted members of a Walsall Hindu ladies’ group have donated more than £1,200 to the Chemotherapy Unit at the Manor Hospital to help brighten up the environment.

The Radhe Krishna Group, which meets at Shree Ram Mandir temple in Pleck, invited Joan Dyer, Outpatients Matron, and Georgie Westley, Fundraising Manager, from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust to receive the cheque.

Krupa Patel, who leads the group which formed in 2019, said members had been prompted to support the unit either through personal experience of cancer or through the experiences of friends who were living with cancer.

She said: “It is important for our community to give back to others and we have supported various causes over the years, including Comic Relief.

“Sadly, some members of the group have received, or are receiving, treatment for cancer and they have spoken of the kindness and compassion of staff at Walsall Manor Hospital. They are also aware that the environment where patients have chemotherapy would benefit from being brightened up a little and this is where the idea came from for this donation from the group.”

Sharda Patel, Puspa Patel and Indira Patel all have personal or family experience of cancer.

Sharda had ovarian cancer and had surgery at the Manor Hospital. She said: “I had chemotherapy at the hospital and staff were so supportive and reassuring to me that I really wanted to do something in return.”

Puspa said: “It’s so important to thank the staff who look after patients when they are feeling so worried and scared.”

And Indira added: “You could ask staff any questions, nothing was too much trouble for them. If we can help in some way that’s what we want to do.”

Joan Dyer, Outpatients’ Matron at the hospital, said she was “touched” by the group’s gesture.

“What a thoughtful thing to do for others,” she said. “It was a privilege to attend the group’s meeting – where myself and Georgie were made to feel like Royalty – and to meet the generous ladies who had decided to make the donation. Listening to their experiences and hearing how our staff made them feel was touching too and I made sure I shared that with the team.”

Georgie added: “As Joan said, it was lovely to meet the group and we look forward to using their donation to give the Chemotherapy unit a little makeover. We’ll also invite them to come in and see how their gift has made a difference to our patients.”

The Radhe Krishna Group runs sessions on health and wellbeing, hears from guest speakers and organises social activities.

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