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2023-05-12T13:14:10+01:00Friday 12 May 2023|

I am proud to celebrate International Nurses’ Day; it is an occasion where we can celebrate globally the fabulous contribution that Nurses make to our society.

The theme this year is focusing on a brighter future of Nursing and how the profession can help improve global health for all.

The Nursing family are central to health and social care in many countries. There is a diversity of roles and careers that support local communities, from health promotion, to complex technical care, to autonomous practice, both in the community and hospital settings.

Increasing educational opportunities in recent decades have increased the knowledge and skills, enabling better care.

Evidence shows education is related to better patient outcomes. With that in mind, increasing the numbers of people in pre-registration education will be one of the foundations to a brighter future.

Education should be a central pillar in our existing workforce as it is essential for development and ongoing opportunities for all.

Every Nurse wants the opportunity of a brighter future where they can be supported to grow and develop and enjoy the roles they choose.

Happy Nurses’ Day!


Take care,


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