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Farewell to Parm

2023-01-13T11:29:26+00:00Friday 13 January 2023|

A “beacon of light, irreplaceable, our mum, a confidante and a shoulder to cry on” – just some of the words used to describe a much-loved colleague who has retired after a quarter of a century’s service at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust.

Parm Chera-Japper, Health and Wellbeing Business and Project Manager, 60, has said goodbye after 25 years with the organisation.

As a key part of Occupational Health, Parm’s job was to keep staff well at work – and as many testified, she has done that!

Responsible for the administration and project management of staff health and wellbeing and delivering the Trust’s health and wellbeing strategy, she helped establish the Trust’s BAME Council, which supports Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff, as its Network Lead.

Parm also co-ordinated Schwarz Rounds, a monthly series of reflective practice forums giving all staff an opportunity to reflect on the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare.

Prior to health and wellbeing, Parm spent 14 years with NatWest bank and started her career at the Trust in Learning and Development, becoming one of the first departments to set up training programmes.

Through her numerous and varied roles, Parm touched many hearts and Tracy Nicholls, Staff Health and Wellbeing Clinical Manager, said: “I don’t know what we will do without her – she’s been like a mum to all of the staff and will be greatly missed. I’ve said I’m going to lock her in a cupboard and not let her out!

“Because of Parm, staff’s experience at work has improved. She was the reason why a lot of staff have stayed with the organisation and she acted as a confidante to people, which is another reason why she’ll be greatly missed.

“She’s one of those people you don’t have to worry about because she’s got it covered – she instinctively knows how to do her job and nothing is too much trouble for Parm.

“She’s going to be irreplaceable because she knows everything there is to know and has so much experience.”

Sabrina Richards, Talent and Inclusion Lead, said: “Parm helped start the BAME Council and was instrumental in supporting black and Asian people across the Trust, giving these staff a voice. I thank her on behalf of the BAME Council. If she ever wants a job, she’s welcome to come back!”

Esther Whitehouse, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, said: “I’ve worked with Parm on Schwartz Rounds and she not only kept us all on track and brought it to life but she embodies the concept that it’s OK to talk about your emotions.

“It felt like it was more than job to her – it’s been her passion – and she leaves big shoes to fill.”

Asked of her memories and proudest moment, Parm said: “Just the general warmth I’ve had from working with all different people and making a difference to someone’s life is the most important thing for me. Even if it was just a small thing I helped them with, if I helped them I felt I had done my job.”

After a holiday in India Parm, who has four children and five grandchildren, will be spending more time with her family.

She will also continue to help people after signing up for an eight-week mental health programme after which she plans to volunteer, supporting ethnic groups in the community. She also plans to visit the gym more.

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