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Cora arrives right on time

2023-01-04T09:00:16+00:00Wednesday 4 January 2023|
  • Little Cora Mae, born on New Year's Day
Little Cora Mae Beale joined an elite group (approximately four per cent) of babies who arrive on their exact due date when she was born at 8.25am on Sunday 1 January at Walsall Manor Hospital.
For mum, Shannon Neville, 19, it was a New Year’s Day to remember as Cora made a rather quick entrance.
“I wasn’t expecting her to arrive on her due date,” said Shannon.
“So, I was quite surprised when I went into labour in the early hours. The midwives said it was one of the quickest labours they had seen – it didn’t feel very quick to me but apparently it was.
“I was just overjoyed when they put her in my arms – she is beautiful.”
“My grandma and grandad are both born on 1 January, so it’s amazing Cora is keeping up that family tradition and now no one can forget her birthday!”
Shannon said Cora Mae would be warmly welcomed by new big sister, Isabella.
“The midwives have been lovely – the midwife who delivered her, Acushla, was one of a kind and I am so thankful.”
Five babies were born at Walsall Manor Hospital on New Year’s Day.
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