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More numbers in Nephrology

2022-12-14T10:49:24+00:00Wednesday 14 December 2022|

Walsall patients needing renal care will now benefit from extra support thanks to an expansion within the service.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust has grown its nephrology department from five people to nine over the last year and is now piloting a seven-day service.

Nephrology is the study and medical management of the function and diseases of the kidney.

Liz Grace, Specialist Nurse in Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) said:

“The service has expanded due to the demand created by patients admitted with renal impairment. AKI nursing as a speciality has grown nationally over the last 20 years and has shown to improve outcomes for patients admitted with AKI.

“This will benefit patients as it will lead to reduced length of hospital stay, improved follow up and ongoing management of patients with renal impairment, reduced need for dialysis support, reduced mortality and appropriate treatment options.

“It will also benefit staff as there will be better management and outcomes for AKI patients, quicker identification and treatment of AKI thus reducing complications, empowerment and improved clinical confidence and awareness of support from a specialist team.”

We have two kidneys and their role is to:

  • Remove the waste product from your body
  • Balance the amount of water in your body
  • Help control blood pressure
  • Help produce red blood cells (prevent anaemia)
  • Help to keep you bones healthy

There are many causes of kidney disease but the most common causes are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Vascular disease (narrowed or blocked arteries)
  • Having a family history of a kidney disease

The renal team manages and provides follow up care for both inpatients and outpatients with kidney disease. It also supports medical and surgical teams dealing with patients with these problems.

The team also helps with patients’ preparation for dialysis (a procedure to remove waste products and excess fluid from blood when the kidneys stop working properly).

The team offers ward-based nurse education and support too.

The Nephrology service consists of:

  • Dr Riaz Bavakunji – Service Lead and Consultant Nephrologist
  • Dr Thahir Abdulsamad – Consultant
  • Dr Huda Mahmoud – Consultant
  • Dr Murad Aldujaili – Clinical Fellow
  • Dr Nabeelah Jahmeerbaccus – Trainee Registrar
  • Liz Grace – Specialist Nurse Acute Kidney Injury
  • Chantal Owens – AKI Nurse
  • Gemma Highway – AKI Nurse
  • Debbie Green – Renal Secretary
  • Purveen Ayub – Admin Support
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