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Recognition for Walsall’s Maternity Support Workers

2022-11-24T21:17:05+00:00Thursday 24 November 2022|
  • Walsall MSWs were celebrated today
  • Reflexology was offered to MSWs
  • A celebration event was held for MSWs
  • All received a keyring and chocolate

“It’s lovely to feel appreciated and to see respect for our role.”

Walsall’s Maternity Support Workers (MSWs) were given the chance to relax, enjoy some reflexology and eat tasty treats today as their invaluable support was celebrated.

National Maternity Support Workers’ Day is promoted by the Royal College of Midwives every year as an opportunity to recognise the important part they play in hospitals and community services.

Yvonne Squires has been an MSW for five years and works on the Delivery Suite at Walsall Manor Hospital. She attended a thank you event earlier today and said: “I’ve really enjoyed today and it’s lovely to feel appreciated and see respect for our role.

“I love working on delivery suite here and I am part of a great team that values me.”

Vicky Picken, Lead Midwife for Community Services, who organised today with the help of the Senior Midwifery Team, ensured that all 41 MSWs at Walsall were given a keyring and a chocolate as a token of appreciation.

She said: “It’s so important that people realise the work that MSWs do to help Midwives and the families we care for. We couldn’t do our job without them.”

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