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2022-11-18T09:41:03+00:00Friday 18 November 2022|

Recently the senior nursing teams introduced an idea called #BackToTheFloorFriday across both our organisations, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

We have asked senior nurse leaders to clear their diaries on Fridays to wherever possible to be out and about in clinical areas, visiting, auditing or undertaking a clinical shift and overseeing care and listening and supporting our patients and staff.

So no sitting at desks in front of computers, no emailing, no Teams meetings, and I’ve asked for no Teams meetings to be added to my diary on Fridays. I’m delighted to report the feedback received so far has been hugely positive across the board – from all staff, and patients too.

Nurses really love it and one senior nurse said it was the best day of the week! It seems to be having a more positive effect in more ways than one.

Last Friday I sat in Costa at Walsall Manor Hospital at lunchtime and the place was buzzing – nurses were eating together and staff were chatting in clinical areas and the corridors, getting business done, rather than doing it over emails.

Debra Hickman, Director of Nursing at Wolverhampton, got her steps in last week on Maternity, while Lisa Carroll, Debra’s counterpart at Walsall, spent time on the Children’s Ward and at West Park Hospital in Wolverhampton. Both are in clinical areas most days anyway, but further engagement from them and their teams is so important.

Lots of staff are approaching me asking me to come to their wards, which is great. I was having conversations with staff and ended up walking around their wards, discussing all manner of things with them.

This Friday I’m #BackToTheFloorFriday joining the Pharmacy team at Walsall as we look to take the idea beyond nursing staff. I’m looking forward to learning about that team and service.

#BackToTheFloorFriday is proving very popular with everyone and I hope to report more positive feedback over the coming weeks.

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