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Zoe receives ‘invaluable’ support from our dietitian team

2022-06-23T13:19:05+01:00Thursday 23 June 2022|

A patient who has been under the care of our dietitian team for over a year has described their help and support as ‘invaluable.’

Zoe Holdsworth (47) who works in the care sector has always struggled with her fluctuating weight. She has been working with the dietitian team over the past year and couldn’t speak more highly of them, highlighting dietitian Jo Parkinson in particular for the help and support throughout her weight loss journey.

Zoe said: “I am from a working-class background and have always suffered with my weight. I have been seeing one of the fantastic dietitians, Jo Parkinson for over a year now and I am so grateful for the help and support from Jo and the team.”

She says the extensive support, guidance and information she has received has made an incredible difference to her life. Having struggled with her weight over the last 20 years, Zoe considers herself a ‘yo-yo dieter’, seeing a reoccurring cycle of gaining and losing weight.

She continued: “I realised that I needed to take responsibility to look after myself and being overweight was starting to have a negative impact on my health, so I decided I needed to make lifestyle changes in order to lose weight and keep it off.

“The knowledge and support has assisted me to make positive changes in my life that have helped me lose weight. I am currently losing weight and my appointments with Jo assist me to ‘keep on track’.

“The work of dietitians is invaluable to me personally, as I don’t think I would have come as far as I have without the support and help of my dietician Jo.

“She is always polite, professional, always treats me with respect and always listens without any judgement. Most of all I never feel judged for being overweight. Jo makes me feel that I am just as important as a ‘normal sized person’.

“To say that they provide an incredibly important service to me, and to many others is an understatement.”

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