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Make the most of midwifery research says Helen

2022-05-05T16:24:19+01:00Thursday 5 May 2022|
  • Helen Haden passionately supports research

“There are so many research opportunities out there for our midwives to get involved in and I think we’re starting to see more coming forward to make a difference in this way.”

Helen Haden is Clinical Academic Link Tutor at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and as a midwife herself she is keen to promote the research projects that midwives can be a part of. She works hard to support FORCE – the Trust’s Faculty of Research and Clinical Education team and is keen to spread the word on International Day of the Midwife.

“My role sees me support any learners we have in the organisation including midwives, healthcare assistants, Trainee Nurse Associates and student midwives and it gives me a chance to talk to them about research and highlight the many opportunities that are available.

“Research has enjoyed a higher profile lately because of the pandemic-associated studies and I want to urge colleagues to find out more because I can honestly say it is a wonderful area to get into. We held a maternity research day earlier this year and it was so encouraging to see how many attended and were eager to find out more.

“I’d like to think on this International Day of the Midwife we get them thinking about the valuable role they can play in research.”

Helen, who is also a registered Nurse, is Principal Investigator for the CHOICE study which is a data project looking at the effectiveness of inductions for women at home or in hospital. It is a University of Edinburgh study.

“Women here in Walsall have been really enthusiastic about being part of research studies around maternity matters and that has been great to see,” said Helen, a mother-of-three.

“They really want to be part of something that can bring about changes either for their own friends and families or for others in the future.”

In addition to her role within the Trust Helen also teaches at the University of Wolverhampton.

“This means I support student midwives on their learning journey and also work with them within the organisation so there’s that continuity. I did all my midwifery training at Walsall and my nursing training here too. I am proud to be part of the Trust and want to say how wonderful I think our midwives are on International Day of the Midwife!”

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