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Support for Walsall’s smoking mums-to-be

2022-03-07T14:42:11+00:00Monday 7 March 2022|
  • A poster that shows a baby shower gift basket with medical items in it

Mums-to-be can find out more about the support offered through Walsall’s Stop Smoking in Pregnancy Service on National No Smoking Day this Wednesday 9 March.

Carol Shepherd and Wendy Salisbury, who are Specialist Stop Smoking Advisors with the Walsall Healthcare NHS service ,will have a stand outside the Manor Hospital’s Antenatal Clinic for those who want to find out more about quitting.

There, they will also highlight the Black Country and West Birmingham Local Neonatal and Maternity System’s campaign aimed at encouraging smoking households to quit for the sake of the babies and children who share their homes. The campaign features a thought-provoking image of a gift basket – popular in baby showers – that contains “newborn essentials” such as antibiotics and other medical items that babies born to smoking parents are more likely to need.

Carol said: “We have supported 293 mums-to-be over the last year and are really please that 149 of those went on to stop smoking. They should be really proud of themselves!

“It is No Smoking Day this Wednesday and we will have a stand outside the Antenatal Clinic from 10am – but our support is ongoing. This year’s theme is “Don’t give up on giving up. Every time you try to stop smoking you’re a step closer to success.” We always say it’s never too late to stop but the earlier the better.”

Carol added that the service is non-judgemental and friendly.

“We know that it is a difficult habit to break but, as the LMNS campaign says, one of the best things anyone can do to give their baby a healthy start in life is to protect them from tobacco smoke. Any actions they can take before baby arrives will help protect the baby and hopefully avoid health complications and problems when they are born. Babies of smokers, or babies exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to need oxygen and develop asthma or bronchitis. No-one wants this for their new-born.”

The Stop Smoking in Pregnancy Service is based at Bentley Health Centre and can be contacted on 01922 270477.

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