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Welcome to our new Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse

2022-03-04T15:50:00+00:00Friday 4 March 2022|

A familiar face has returned to Walsall to support staff and help patients facing cancer.

Nicky Adams, who previously worked at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, has returned in a new post as Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse.

Before starting her career in cancer nursing Nicky qualified at Walsall Manor Hospital working in surgery and ITU.

She said: “I developed my skills and experience whilst working in chemotherapy for nine years before then moving to develop the Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse specialist role in Walsall in the early 2000s.

“After 11 years I took on a different challenge and set up the Acute Oncology Service as a single handed nurse consultant at Walsall and for eight years I worked alongside emergency, oncology and dedicated staff to develop the service.

“During that role I was also working in a part time seconded role supporting the development and rollout of Acute Oncology services nationally in a National Nurse Advisor role.

“I was particularly passionate about the consistency and quality of care for patients with suspected or diagnosed Metastatic Spinal cord compression so I then took a Regional ANP role in the Spinal Oncology service at the Royal orthopaedic FT in Birmingham.

“I relocated to Shropshire and my last and most recent post has been working as a Lung Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust before starting my current position here.”

The Lead Cancer Nurse plays a critical role in leading the national cancer agenda supporting the strategic direction of cancer nursing for cancer nurses and Allied health professionals.

This role will ensure cancer care is of high standard, equitable and consistent for all patients that use the Trusts services. Alongside the divisional teams and cancer CNS teams this will influence the ongoing development of cancer nursing care to ensure the delivery of robust cancer services throughout the patient experience.

When asked how she felt to be appointed in this new role Nicky said:

“I am incredibly excited and proud to be back at Walsall and in this Lead Nurse opportunity to influence, share expertise and develop further our local cancer services. Almost my whole career spanning over 30 years has been closely connected to this hospital. I have had many happy years working at Walsall and look forward to the next chapter.

She added: “Staff can also email me any ideas or suggestions they may have for raising awareness of the cancer team and/or for education opportunities we could provide in your areas regarding any aspect of cancer care. I would be happy to coordinate future projects that would impact the quality of our cancer care across Walsall.

“Thank you for this opportunity to say hello and please come have a chat! I look forward to meeting you all – old friends and new over these next few weeks.”

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