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Please help us to keep you safe

2022-02-25T16:38:29+00:00Friday 25 February 2022|
  • Outside of Walsall Manor Hospital

Patients are still being asked to play their part in helping reduce infection rates when they attend Walsall Manor Hospital or any community health settings despite the Government announcing its Living with COVID-19 strategy that lifts restrictions.

They should still wear a face covering, continue to socially distance and ensure good hand hygiene – while case numbers are steadily falling the virus is still affecting many families who have either lost loved ones or are having to adjust to life-changing circumstances.

Lisa Carroll, Director of Nursing at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust said: “Healthcare settings support many vulnerable people which is why we are still doing all we can to keep patients and staff as safe as possible.

“COVID-19 hasn’t disappeared so we are asking anyone who attends our hospital or community services to please continue to wear a face covering, unless medically exempt, continue to distance and to ensure good hand hygiene. It may no longer be a legal requirement to self-isolate if you test positive for the virus but we would advise you to stay at home and avoid contact with other people. COVID-19 affects some people much more seriously than others and we know that it can be fatal so we still need to be cautious.

“Thank you to everyone who continues to support our efforts.”

Lisa added that visiting restrictions were being regularly reviewed at Walsall Manor Hospital but compassionate visits to support a patient receiving end of life care or to support someone with dementia, a learning disability or autism had continued throughout the pandemic.

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