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Just over 48 hours to reach Ian’s target

2021-07-29T17:37:13+01:00Thursday 29 July 2021|
  • Ian and walk supporters at the end of their 26 mikles

From arm and leg trainers to hand grip strengtheners and mobile technology – a host of equipment can be used by Walsall Healthcare’s Critical Care Rehabilitation Team to help patients along the road to recovery.

Grateful former patient Ian Hawkins, who is a COVID-19 survivor, worked with Walsall Healthcare’s Well Wishers charity, and set himself a £10,000 fundraising challenge as his way of saying thank you to the team for getting him back on his feet and able to enjoy life at home.

Last month Ian, his family, friends, staff from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and fellow fundraisers all took part in a 26-mile walk along the canal network from Walsall Manor Hospital to Chasewater and back, to raise money for the team to enhance its support to all long term patients who have spent time in critical care.

Ian’s Just Giving page is open until the end of this month – just over 48 hours away at midnight on Saturday 31 July – and the total including donations direct to the Fundraising Team currently stands at just over £8,200

Father-of-two Ian said: “We’re close to our £10,000 target and it would be amazing if we could reach that by 31 July as the team could do so much with that cash.

“I left hospital last June after being admitted in March but that was just one step on the road to my recovery – it’s the work that goes on afterwards with the rehabilitation team that I’m sure many people don’t realise is just as vital as the work that has gone into helping you survive critical care. The physical interventions and support, along with the emotional and psychological input, can’t be under-estimated.”

Xana Marriott, Senior Sister for Critical Care Rehabilitation, who was among those who took part in the walk, said: “We’re thrilled that Ian’s Walk was such a successful fundraiser and if we could just push the total to £10,000 would be fantastic.

“It was amazing to see Ian walk all that way knowing that just over a year ago he was pushing himself to walk to the kitchen and upstairs.

“The equipment we use in rehabilitation such as the arm and leg bikes, or trainers, make such a difference. It’s hard to fully appreciate the effects that a significant period in critical care can have upon a patient and rehabilitation is a massive team effort using every approach we possibly can to get them back to the quality of life that is most important to them.

“Earlier this year received a RockinR mobile gaming unit as a result of a charitable donation and we’ve been able to work on patients’ co-ordination, delirium and memory – as well as have a laugh with them – as a result of this piece of equipment. We are working with patients of all ages with a wide range of needs and we want to tailor our approach so that it’s appropriate to their aims and goals, while managing expectations and setting achievable milestones. Seeing the progress that can be made is the most rewarding experience.”

To make a donation please go to Ian’s page here or contact Georgie Westley, Fundraising Manager, on 01922 656643 for others way to donate to buy these items that are above and beyond what the NHS is able to provide.


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