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Well Wishers supports recovering patients

2021-06-26T13:48:29+01:00Saturday 26 June 2021|
  • Donna and Xana with the balls used as part of rehab work
  • One of the smaller balls bought by the Well Wishers charity

Patients continuing their recovery following a spell in Walsall Manor Hospital’s Critical Care Unit will be having a ball thanks to the Well Wishers charity.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s charity has supported the Critical Care Rehabilitation Team by providing beach balls and smaller balls to help its work with patients.

Xana Marriott, the team’s Senior Sister, explained that the effects of spending a period in critical care can be wide ranging and can impact patients in many different ways.

She said: “Our team is working with long term patients who have been in critical care and some of these are Covid-19 survivors.

“Their rehabilitation actually starts when they’re admitted and continues well beyond their discharge from critical care. We always say that rehabilitation is a team effort that involves, patients, their families or friends and a whole range of healthcare professionals working together to get the best results for that person, supporting their wishes and goals.

“We approached Well Wishers because we wanted to use beach balls and smaller, spongy balls as part of our work with patients. This is to help with grip and co-ordination and also to bring a smile to people’s faces. Thanks to the charity we were able to have xxx and this is making a real difference.”

Fundraising Manager Georgie Westley added: “Well Wishers buys items above and beyond what the NHS is expected to provided and it was our pleasure to support the team as we have spoken to patients who have been through rehabilitation and appreciate how important this is to their quality of life following such serious illness.”

The Critical Care Rehabilitation Team runs multi-disciplinary clinics twice a week supported by physiotherapists Amy Bonner and Beth Baker which help to support general critical care patients and additionally Covid-19 survivors. The team has recently been joined by new team member Donna Lawley, Critical Care Rehabilitation Support Sister.

Xana and Donna follow up all critical care patients when they are stepped down to a ward at Walsall Manor Hospital.

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