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Thoughtful touch for new mums

2021-05-08T13:36:53+01:00Saturday 8 May 2021|
  • Mum Sinead who gave birth to her second dughter and received one of the new cards

New mums at Walsall Manor Hospital now receive Congratulations cards following the birth of their babies, packed with helpful information and uplifting messages to help guide them through the first days and weeks of motherhood.

They are also given “2am Club” affirmation cards with messages around feeding, bonding and sleeping as well as inspirational quotes to reassure them as they adjust to life with their newborn.

The cards evolved from an idea by Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife Hazel Brookes and her midwifery colleague Rebecca Anderson.

Hazel explained: “We wanted to be able to ensure mums were leaving us with all the information they need such as breastfeeding support and how to respond to their babies but didn’t want them to have loads of leaflets as that seems a little impersonal.

“We’re really pleased with the Congratulations cards which were developed with the involvement of Walsall Maternity Voices Partnership and the feedback we have received so far has been positive too; mums think it’s a really thoughtful touch. We have also jointly developed 2am Club affirmation cards that we hope mums will find helpful for those moments that they feel tired or overwhelmed and wonder if they’re getting things right. It is completely normal to feel like this but in the early hours of the morning, or if you’re alone, it can be comforting to remind yourself that actually you’re doing a good job and there is help and support out there for you.”

The Congratulations cards and affirmation cards have been designed by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust’s Graphic Designer Manoj Lakha in the ethos of the Baby Friendly Initiative.

Hazel added: “We also thought the card would be put on the mantelpiece or a table once home and they’re within easy reach if mums just want to find breastfeeding support for instance.  There has been an encouraging response from other NHS trusts which are hoping to introduce a similar approach.”

Mum Sinead O’Callaghan whose second daughter was born at 8.30am yesterday weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces said; “It’s nice to have the information in one place in this card and it’s helpful.”

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